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水洗砂振动筛Vibrating screen of water washing sand

水洗砂振动筛Vibrating screen of water washing sand

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水洗砂振动筛Vibrating screen of water washing sand


Water washing sand refers to the washing process of artificial sand (including natural sand).
Sand washing machine is a washing equipment for artificial sand (including natural sand). Sand washing machine is widely used for washing materials in sand, quarry, building materials, transportation, chemical industry, water conservancy and hydropower, concrete mixing plant and other industries. The sand washing machine can be divided into two types: XS type and XL type. It can remove impurities that cover the surface of sand, and destroy the water vapor layer of coated sand to facilitate dehydration, and play an effective role in sand washing.

Protruding advantage of water washing sand
1. There is little loss of yarn and stone powder in the process of washing sand. The gradation of the washed building sand is reasonable, and the fineness modulus reaches the standard requirements of the national "building sand", "building pebbles and gravel".
2, the structure is simple, the impeller drive bearing device is isolated from water and water material, so that the bearing is damaged due to water immersion, sand and pollutants, and the failure rate is greatly reduced.
3, high cleanliness, large capacity, low power consumption and long service life.

水洗砂振动筛Vibrating screen of water washing sand

水洗砂振动筛Vibrating screen of water washing sand


Working principle of water washing sand
1, structure composition: by high pressure separator, dehydration screen, impeller separator, reducer, vacuum high pressure pump, cleaning box, high return water tank, motor, vibration motor and other components.
2, work flow: sand water mixture into the cleaning box, separated by the impeller separator, and then into the lower layer dehydration screen for dehydration, cleaning the effluent from the tank (containing a lot of fine sand, mud, dust and other impurities), through the vacuum high pressure pump to the high pressure separator, and then centrifuged and concentrated sand, after sinking, sink The sand mouth is discharged into the upper layer of the dehydrating sieve, and the waste water, mud, dust and impurities in the box are washed through the overflow outlet of the high pressure separator and discharged into the high return water tank. The upper layer is coarse sand, the lower layer of the finished material is fine sand, or the coarse sand is mixed out (can be adjusted according to the requirements).

水洗砂技术参数Technical parameters of water washing sand

型号 常见筛孔尺寸(mm) 入料量(t/h)
ACVD1036 0.3~0.6 10~35
ACVD1236 0.3~0.6 18~65
ACVD1536 0.3~0.6 30~90
ACVD1838 0.3~0.6 40~120
ACVD2138 0.3~0.6 60~150
ACVD2538 0.3~0.6 80~200


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