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粮食振动清理筛Grain vibration cleaning screen

粮食振动清理筛Grain vibration cleaning screen

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粮食振动清理筛Grain vibration cleaning screen



粮食振动清理筛Grain vibration cleaning screen

Description of grain cleaning vibrating screen:
The compound vibration cleaning screen is mainly used for cleaning and screening granular materials in grain purchasing, warehousing, flour, feed, grain processing and other industries. The grain is made from the hopper into the vibrating screen, and the vibrating screen is a double screen screen. The large impurities and fine impurities in the grain are classified separately. The grain after the primary cleaning is then cleaned by a circulating wind separator to clean the impurities and dust in the grain. The machine is suitable for cleaning operations with high grain cleaning requirements. The cleaning effect is good, the design is advanced and reasonable, and the movement is flexible and convenient.
The advantages of grain cleaning vibrating screen products:
1, the circular vibrating screen and winnowing device combination, cleaning effect is obvious.
2, equipped with steering wheel electric walking device, equipped with standard car wear-resistant pneumatic tire, so that the whole machine mobile flexible and convenient.
3, according to the size of the material particles, we can replace the sieves for cleaning, selecting and grading corn, soybean and wheat.
4. The screen is tested with high frequency vibration wave strength to ensure high life and high quality.
5. The electric control box is designed for double steel door sealing structure, with anti overload and anti phase protection device. It adopts domestic famous or joint venture brand electrical components, and the cable line adopts special waterproof and dustproof power source fast connector, which is convenient for maintenance and reduces electrical maintenance.
6. The reinforced rack is made of high strength steel plate and welded by advanced welders.
Product model and technical parameters:
Processing volume: 50-80t/h
Wind power: 5.5kw
Stranded Dragon Power: 1.5kw
Vibrating screen: 2 x 1.5kw
The efficiency of the early Qing Dynasty: big miscellaneous > 90%, small miscellaneous > 80%


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