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实验室标准筛分机Test sieves

实验室标准筛分机Test sieves

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实验室标准筛分机Test sieves

实验室标准筛分机Test sieves


First, inspection screen overview: the standard vibrating screen machine is mainly adapted to the coal quality test and the laboratory tests of the departments of geology, metallurgy, chemical, scientific research, cement, building and other industry departments to screen and analyze the material. When used, the material is poured into the upper screen. Under the action of vibrational power, the material larger than the sieve hole is left in the sieve. The material less than the sieve hole falls into the second screen. So the work goes down until the material is analyzed through all the sieve plates to reach the grading effect.

Two. Function of inspection screen: main organic seat, slewing mechanism, vibrating mechanism, clamping mechanism and sleeve sieve. It has the characteristics of small size, light weight and beautiful appearance. Equipped with automatic shutdown device. It has the advantages of advanced structure, good performance, large rotation amplitude, strong vibrating force, good screening effect, flexible clamping sleeve and convenient maintenance.


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